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Greenfield Manufacturing, Inc. is a competitive contract chemical manufacturing company meeting customer requirements to supply manufactured goods to a geographic area that is not logistically feasible from any of their existing facilities.

Greenfield Manufacturing, Inc. operates as a transparent strategic resource for the contracting company with rapid response to customer demands and flexibility in meeting customer’s needs. The company provides goods and services to corporations such as Momentive Performance Products (formerly GE Silicones), Lanxess, Dow Chemical, GE Water Technologies, Castrol, Connect Chemical USA and many others serving the industrial chemical and petroleum industries. 


Greenfield Manufacturing, Inc. is focused on performance coatings and the development of high quality fuel additives that will create economic value within the energy industry.

Manufactured products include industrial water treatment chemistries, rubber additives, specialty coatings and more. We are the exclusive manufacturer of SilentRunning vibration dampening / noise abatement coatings which are designed specifically for commercial shipping applications.

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